Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Seed to Sausage Corporation.

The "Seed to Sausage Corporation" - looks like that's going to be the name of Our new shop. We have the location picked out and now we're going to be jumping through all of the hoops so that we can get to what really matters, making good food. Our plan is to sell to specialty food stores and restaurants interested in selling locally farmed and produced foods. We will source the most ethically raised meats that we can find and then turn them into the tastiest cured meats we can. We have a few challenges to overcome over the next few months so I will be writing about making our dream a reality for any of you who are interested in following along!
In the meantime let this girls art blow you away!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chickens on T.V.

This week I was interview for a new T.V. show called my Backyard. They were interested in our chickens. I guess its time for an update on project chicken. It turns out chickens are really easy to keep in your backyard. From my experience most of the problems people are talking about are not true at all. Three chickens don't smell, we have had no problems with rats as every thing is secure, they do make noise but less than crows and no more than other birds in the yard. On the other side if you let them run around your yard they will crap all over your deck, if there in the sun fly's will swarm around there poop. Answer is to keep them in an area that's all ways shaded. If they get into your garden they are not going to weed it for you, there going to eat every thing, then crap it out and attract fly's because your garden is in the sun. So in short, keep them in the shade. Don't let your neighbours have a clear line of sight to them, out of sight out of mind right. Keep water and feeders hung to keep out dirt and poop. Keep the caged part of the run covered to keep it dry in the rain, a dry run makes healthy chickens. And do not let them near your radishes! Chickens can fly and they will cross the road.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our love for Prince Edward County continued

If we ever open our own charcuterie shop in Kingston I'm hoping its going to have the same sort of look that the Tall Poppy Cafe has. We loved every thing about the place, especially the art on the walls, the cinnamon buns and the eclectic chairs and tables. How does such a small area have some of the best places to hang out. The Tall Poppy inspires me to move down the street so I can hang out there every day. They even have a toy corner for Sawyer to play. Thanks for the hospitality Tall Poppy People.

I stole this photo from the Tall Poppy blog, I hope no one minds.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wendy's Market

Wendy's market was a success and quite the learning experience too. Overall I think people liked what we had to offer and best of all, we were able to meet some new friends. Nancy George of Old Farm Fine Foods was there, Tony Romero and of course Oliver Haan from Haanover View Farms along with many others that we will look forward to seeing again. We can not wait to attend the next event!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Buddha Dog

To me a hotdog is not just a hotdog - It's something special. My childhood was filled with Montreal steamies. My father is known for eating 20 hotdogs in one sitting. I have been eating hotdogs since I was about 5, maybe younger... Hotdogs are in my blood. I travel to Montreal just to eat hotdogs, but I will never call just any tube of meat on a bun a hotdog. So when I heard about Buddha Dog I had to go. My wife read that Readers Digest and some Toronto Magazine said they were the best hotdogs in Canada my first thought was "what do they know about hotdogs??". Turns out I was right, they weren't the best hotdogs in Canada. Any one who clams anything to be "the best" is full of it, but they were great hot dogs nonetheless. The concept is what made the place so great - Simple, good, local food. You get a dog on a bun and pick a spicy, mild or sweet sauce and a one of a few cheeses. The dogs were the perfect size and had a bun to match. I loved the place so much I almost bought a t-shirt. I would have walked around everywhere with it. Buddha Dog!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wendys Mobile Market

This weekend you will find us, along with Greg from Smokey Joe's Deli at Wendy's Country Market in Morton. That's the same Wendy as Wendy's Mobile Market. They're having a big party and corn roast. There are going to be local chefs dishing out food, live music, fresh produce to pick up and best of all, we're going to be there with a huge charcuterie platter! Maybe too big - I have to think about what to leave out. Maybe 4 different salamis, smoked duck breast, duck prosciutto, pickled carrots, onions, scapes, and some enhanced watermelon. There will also be some pastrami beef tongue and maybe a pate and some crackling. Most will be for sale as well if you want to bring some home. All the proceeds from our sales will go directly to our anniversary fund as it happens to fall on the same day as the market. If you mention to us that you read the blog we will give you a discount and a kiss. Hope to see you there - SUNDAY, JULY 25TH!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Chorizo, there looking good!

Got Garlic?

How do you crush hundreds of garlic cloves? Grind them, pack in a mason jar and cover with oil. Garlic for a long time to come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm all for vegetarians, really we eat meat less and less. But were really on the side of sustainable farming that includes animals. But the subject is not open for debate here. I just pass along the information. So I thought I would share this with you. Some how I don't think Pamela still looks like AAA. Makes me wonder what else PETA is lying to us about. The add was baned in Canada because it was deemed sexist. With all the crap shes put in her body I think I'll take the hot dog instead.

The greenmarket one farmers story rick bishop

I want to see some video like this but in Kingston. From chefs and cooks around the city showing us how to cook and the farmers with where the food comes from and who they are. Stay tuned for more video like this one, only local.